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IGN1A / 1JZGTE Coil Bracket Kit Stock Covers NON VVTI

IGN1A / 1JZGTE Coil Bracket Kit Stock Covers NON VVTI

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When making a lot of boost and generating globs of power in a 1JZ engine heat is a huge factor to Engine Spark. Now we have another option besides Ignition boxes to add to stock coils. The IGN1A Coils pack a huge punch in a small package. IGN1a coils are commonly known as smart coils due to the power spark they produce without the need to run an Igniter. We have developed CNC brackets to accommodate the Stock 1JZGTE valve covers, Powerhouse Racing Billet Covers and the TITAN Motorsports Aftermarket Valve covers. The design that went into these brackets was to consider aesthetics and performance.

Coil Bracket 2JZGTE NON VVTI:
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Coil Bracket 2JZGTE VVTI: Click Here
Coil Bracket 1JZGTE NON VVTI: Click Here
Spark Plug Wires: Click Here
IGN1A Coils:
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IGN1A Coil Bracket HARNESS: Click Here

You can choose how you want to order your setup. We offer the Bracket and Stainless Hardware separately if you already have your coils and plug wires.

If you choose we do offer this as a complete kit Bracket, Coils, and Premium Plug Wires.

The IGN1A coils are compatible with all aftermarket ECUs on the market. Follow your aftermarket ECUs wiring to setup correctly.

No more need for ignition amplifiers and aftermarket ignition boxes. Say good buy to those stock expensive 2JZGTE or 1JZGTE coils.

We now have a complete harness for the coil kit. Our kits utilize mil-spec, Deutsch connectors and Raychem DR-25 heatshrink. Our harness is labeled and ready to be connected to your ECU.

Brackets do come in Raw color. Please contact us if you want powder coated Black.


  • Output Voltage: up to 81kV +/- 10%
  • Output Energy: up to 250mJ +/- 7% (8mS dwell @ 14 volts)
  • Peak Secondary Current: 100mA +/- 7%
  • Arc Duration: 3.2mS +/- 10% @ 3.0mS dwell target
  • Max Continuous Dwell: 9mS not to exceed 40% duty cycle
  • Max Intermittent Dwell: 88% duty cycle for 9 sec max

  • The IGN1A coils deliver a powerful, long duration spark and are ideal for use in high-boost or high-compression engines.
  • This coil is a specially designed inductive style, high energy coil IGBT (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor) referred to as a smart coil, as it is designed with the igniter on the coil. (TTL Transistor to Transistor Logic computer systems)
  • This coil has the potential of a Massive Spark Energy, (<250mJ, 8mS dwell @ 14 bolt) equal to and typical of the Capacitive Discharge Ignition (CDI) ignition systems, and delivers a very long spark duration that can only be achieved by using inductive coils.
  • This Massive Spark Energy <250mJ, and very high voltage, >81kV with incredibly long spark duration of <3.2mS is CRITICAL to maximizing power in high boost or high compression engines.
  • These coils are flawlessly being used on 3,000 hp nitrous engines without CDI. This is World Class performance!
  • The heavy duty construction is suited to operate in harsh environments and will handle substantial shock, vibration, and is weatherproof. This coil can be mounted virtually anywhere.

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